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Get Higher than a Kite!

No no, not that kind of high. I'm talking about a vantage point for your life!

Track with me here... A kite and an air balloon have a lot in common. They both fly, they both have a bird's eye view, and they both are, in varying degrees, at the mercy of the wind.

When we fly a kite, though, we don't get to see what it sees. We can guess what the view must be like from that height, but beyond our imagination, there isn't an actual experience with that perspective. Not to mention, the kite can only go so far, it's anchored to wherever we stand, despite it's movement by the wind.

An air balloon on the other hand, can go quite a bit higher than a kite. It is not tied down by an anchor, rather it serves as a vehicle for us! And unlike other vehicles, we're able to breathe in the air and fully experience that level. Moreover, whoever is in the air balloon can partner with the wind and elements of the sky to guide the balloon in the direction desired.

So what does that have to do with life?

When we're looking at our lives, often we're living life like we're flying a kite. Maybe we have an idea of what our life could be, but we're not really in a place to see it. We're tied down by all the distractions of the present, and all other possibility is in our imagination.

Get higher than a kite!

Have an EXPERIENCE with your new perspective.

What IF you really could drop the weight you've tried decades to lose? What if you could prevent the diseases so many in your family has faced?

What IF you don't have to work 40, 60, 80 hours a week to make ends meet? What if you could work in something that you're passionate about?

Are you fulfilled? Are you living in abundance of love, life, and joy?

Often it's difficult to stop and rise above where we're at.

My encouragement to you is to hop in that balloon, put that flame high, and see what possibilities are out there. Make a list of ideal aspects of life you're not currently experiencing. What would it take to get there? Is it really out of reach?

I'd love to help you with this. If you find yourself writing down health goals or financial goals, shoot me an email. I can offer options, support, and encouragement!

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