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Are you aligned? | Tips on Rest

Welp. I got called out today. And honestly? It hurt so good.

Since I’ve had Rhys, I have STRUGGLED to rest and take time for myself.

I consistently set intentions to make time to rest, put REST as appointments in my calendar, and tell people that I am working on this.

What do I typically do? I ignore the appointments and prioritize other things.

I just feel that if I don’t get certain things done, then I haven’t “earned” that rest.

I also have to consciously work to receive the truth that rest is ESSENTIAL.

See, I’m a health coach, right? I support people in learning how to rest.

I’m also a follower of Jesus, who has both by example & teaching encouraged rest.

Prior to having Rhys, I had a better grip on this. Not to say I didn’t still struggle with my do-er mentality, but I was definitely making time for myself.

Today, my good friend, Kristy Hinds, gave me some tough love. After welcoming her feedback on my situation with rest, she asked me, “Robin, how are you living in alignment as a health coach if you aren’t taking time to rest?”

SMACK! That hit me like a ton of bricks. What?! Out of alignment?!

And with that, I feel reconnected with WHY I’m working to prioritize rest in the first place. It aligns with what matters MOST to me - to be who I’m called to be, and to have the health to live that out.

THIS is the power of VISION led healthy living (and coaching!!). We all have our struggles - myself included - with healthy lifestyles.

When we ALIGN ourselves with what matters most, we create infinite motivation to live those healthy habits out.

My encouragement to you today is not just to join me in creating rest, but to get CLEAR on what it means for you to live in alignment and integrity with what matters most to you!

I’m curious, what habit are you struggling to implement?

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