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Are you ready for some straight shooting?

Don’t read if you don’t want some good ol’ fashioned conviction & inspiration.

Truth is - there’s a difference between trying harder and working smarter.

How many times have you been so discouraged and upset and think, “UGH, why am I not seeing any results, I’m trying SO HARD?!”

But deep down you know

- It’s only been a week

- You aren’t really sure what you need to be doing

- You don’t really care about making habits as you do getting results

The thing is, occasional attempts at healthy habits based on the advice of friends and what you find online isn’t going to get you any progress.

Health and weight loss are not synonymous.

Fast weight loss does not equal lasting weight loss or continued health.

We get to a place where we are SO done with where we’re at that we are willing to try the things with the compelling before and afters because we feel THAT will relieve us of the struggle we’re in.

Problem is, without a sustainable plan, a shift in mindset, and a real change in your lifestyle, you aren’t creating change, you’re cruising on a vicious cycle.

In my Sustainable Health program, we are driven by our God given vision, we are fueled by God’s grace, and we focus on habits over results.

Do the results come?


Does it take longer sometimes?


Do those results last?

More often than not!

Listen, the calling you have on your life - the value you possess, you are WORTH the intentionality and effort it takes to undo the habits you’ve learned and create a lifestyle that enables you to have the vitality to carry out your God-given calling for decades to come.

Is this your month to start working smarter to experience the health you’ve always wanted?

Shoot me an email and let’s see whether or not this is the right fit for you!

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