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Yes, out in nature, but also, let’s start going outside the box in how we approach things.

I, for one, have been stuck inside various boxes of sorts that have kept me from experiencing all that God has for my life.

One box that has been particularly limiting is the box of success based approval and concern for what other people think.

This box stifles the necessary thoughts and actions required to BE who I am called to be.

When I choose to stand in it, it causes my actions to be based on whatever it takes to not mess up and to make sure I don’t look stupid or wrong.

You know what that does?

It literally robs me of the ability to love myself or others, and it stifles my ability to grow and transform into who God’s called me to be.

When we are concerned about not making mistakes, we lose the MANY opportunities that inevitably occur to LEARN, practice, and become a better version of you.

When we care more about looking stupid or about what others think, we are focusing on ourselves instead of connecting with the needs of the other person and how to serve them.

This happens all the time in our health journeys.

We don’t even want to start or commit because we are afraid of messing up, and we don’t want to look like a fool.

When really, it’s the one who chooses to stay where they are, sitting in their own filth, avoiding every challenge, pointing the finger at the mistakes of others, who chooses the title of “fool”.

Freedom, transformation, and satisfaction are among the fruits of “stepping outside the box”.

Your box may be different than mine.

Yours might be a box of low self worth or a box of fear of commitment. Yours may be a box of apathy or laziness.

We’ve all got our things.

Question is - are you going to step OUTSIDE??

If you want to learn how to identify your boxes and how to step outside them in your health journey, I’ve got 4 more slots for the Sustainable Health program!

Shoot me a message to talk more about whether this is the right fit for you.

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