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How to Know if Your Diet Is Unsustainable

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

You can view the adorable video I made with my son for this topic here.

I don’t call my program “The Sustainable Health Transformation” for no reason.

The point isn’t just to hit weight loss goals or try a couple of new recipes. I’m here to support the chronic dieter in creating SUSTAINABLE healthy habits that minimize and/or prevent chronic disease.

These are some of the big ways to tell if what you’re doing isn’t going to last: - You feel super restricted. Restriction is almost always a recipe for binging and resentment of whatever you’re trying to implement.

- You feel like you win or lose based on what you eat. It has to be more about “don’t do that” and “only do this”. It has to be about nourishing your body, and doing so in such a way that fits your unique lifestyle.

- You won’t be doing it a month from now Sometimes there’s a kick start that looks differently than what you’ll do long term. More often than not, though, the real practice and longevity for a habit occurs when you start with what you’ll continue.

- You don’t enjoy it Health isn’t supposed to be a white knuckle, grin and bear it experience. It’s fun and enjoyable!

- You resent it Resentment just does not lead to sustainability.

- You feel obligated and don’t want to do it. No one likes to feel forced. If you feel like this is what you “should” be doing, it’s likely you won’t feel like it’s something you’re CHOOSING or want to do.

Anyone finding themselves in this boat with their healthy habits now or in the past? Would a list sustainable characteristics be helpful?

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