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I wasn’t at the end of my fitness journey

My most recent negative self talk about my health happened a little over a month ago.

“Great. Now I’m never going to be able to workout the way I want. I won’t be strong. I’ll just be weak and incapable.”

This is what I thought when I realized that I had AGAIN given myself rhabdomyolysis - a condition caused by breaking down muscles to the point of releasing toxic levels of enzymes into the bloodstream.

I jumped into a new challenging level of fitness, excitedly went every day, and challenged myself... beyond my limits.

I was so upset that my body wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do.

I was frustrated that I had to stop doing what I loved.

I was afraid that I wouldn’t ever be able to do what I wanted.

After thinking more about it, I realized I wasn’t at the end of my fitness journey, I was just at a different point than I thought.

I just had to scale back and slow down. Neither of which are things I prefer, but I decided that it would be by slowing down that I’d actually get to where I want to be.

All that to say, I’ve really been enjoying this process - second photo is me at the boot camp I joined, Burn Oceanside CA.

I am grateful for my body and what it’s able to do - and not do. I’m not going to make healthy progress being upset with it.

A major motivation for me to set my thoughts in a positive direction around this is to be a healthy and fit mom for Rhys.

This past week I did a 2 or so mile hike while carrying Rhys (32lbs) on my shoulders for at least half of it. That wasn’t the plan, but due to his speed or disinterest in walking, that’s what happened, and I was happy that I could! (3rd photo)

Then at the zoo, Rhys got SUPER tired, sooner than I anticipated, and I was able to carry him while he slept for 15 minutes. (4th photo)

It all started with shifting out of a limiting and unkind perspective to a true and powerful one in alignment with my desire to be healthy for my son.

If you find yourself defaulting to negative thoughts, message me to learn how to experience a kind and positive mindset grounded in what’s TRUE in Christ.

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