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It is all able to be TRANSFORMED

Seeing this guy experience and explore the world causes me to review it all again for myself.

He’s absorbing everything like a little sponge. The things we say he repeats. The things we do he mimics. The things he sees he points to and asks “that?”.

I think about the world I want him to live in and the world as it is.

On one hand, I can get discouraged or concerned about what it will be like when he’s older.

I want nothing more than for him to have an amazing, fulfilling, and happy life.

It’s easy to stew over the corruption I see.

But on the other hand, the hand I’m keeping interlocked with Jesus, see the world as it is and I am filled with hope and drive to BE the change and to guide Rhys into BEING who he’s made to be in partnership with God.

Nothing, whether the way the world is, the way you are, or the way things have been HAVE to continue on that way they have thus far.


Lack of health.









It is all malleable, pliable - able to be TRANSFORMED.

Where does true transformation come from?


I’m not interested in behavior modification.

I’m not here to accept things are they are.

I’m not setting up camp on the side of the road only a few miles into my journey.

I want to take hold of ALL that God has to give.

It’s not overwhelming or scary.

It’s exciting.

It’s comes out of His love.

It comes through His grace.

It’s comes when we choose to partner with the Creator of the Universe, the God who IS Love.

Whether it’s my heart, mind, or body, and even though I don’t do it perfectly, I’m partnering with Jesus.

Are you with me?!

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