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My "Why"?

Where I started...

In the past, let’s just say my eating habits earned me a reputation. I've been known for eating anything and everything, and being able to do so in mass quantities. I've always been active, but the epitome of a foodie, exercising enough to justify eating whatever I wanted. Despite the reputation, I THOUGHT I ate fairly well.

However, I had no idea how much I didn’t know. Learning about holistic health and nutrition has opened my eyes. There is a better way to live. ​

As a result of applying what I've learned, I have lost 20lbs, significantly lowered my heart rate, ditched my facial medications, and felt a noticeable increase in energy. 


My experience has been great, and I want others to feel the same and better... but here's my big why...


I'm sick and tired of seeing people sick and tired. I have too many dear family members and friends who have suffered and/or died from degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, dementia, and the like.


People are living too short and dying too long. 

I am convinced that all of us are designed to live with health, energy, and strength to the very end of our days.


I want to see lives change, and people experience life to the fullest, the way we are MADE to.

Each person has the opportunity to make the world a better place. Unfortunately the majority of us are barely surviving. We’re deficient in nutrients, sleep deprived, overworked. If we continue in that state of being, our own lives will never improve, let alone the lives of others around us. We have to change something now to impact the future. 


THAT is why I am passionate about helping people find balance, get healthy, and create sustainable healthy lifestyles that can bring wholeness to their own life, family, and surrounding community.

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