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Cheat With the Good Stuff

This delicious looking breakfast is not the epitome of health, BUT let me tell you why it's important to still be intentional when you're hankering for some comfort cooking.

So to start, I'm sure you can tell that the bread is a bit different than your typical french toast. That's because I used Ezekiel bread. This bread is HIGH quality. Check the ingredients - bread should not have more than a handful of ingredients - and this bread fits my criteria. If you're going to have french toast, don't go for cheapsie white bread, it'll be more expensive in the long run. Stick to whole wheat or sourdough with minimal ingredients.

The syrup we used was 100% pure maple. Now, don't get me wrong, this is VERY sugary! So we used a minimal amount. Here's the biggie - it's a natural sourced sugar without a bunch of chemicals. Regular syrups have all kinds of excess ingredients that will do you more harm than good. And please, do not get sugar free. If you shouldn't have sugar, just don't have sugar, and flee from the artificial stuff! Another option for syrup could be to puree blueberries or strawberries.

The eggs have three different kinds of veggies in there. Every meal deserves and NEEDS veggies and/or fruits. Eggs with veggies adds flavor and nutrients!

Lastly, the sausage is spicy italian turkey sausage. Pork isn't the worst, but I try not to have it too often. This is a great tasting alternative to another serving of pork.

If you're craving something you know isn't good, find a way to make it better! Compromise optimal for good, not good for terrible.

Hope this helps!

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