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Isn't it just eating less & exercising more?

Most people want to know the key to health. You usually don't run into someone who says, "Yeah, I don't really care if I have chronic pain and disease." I heard someone once say, "At one point in everyone's life, their number one concern is their health or the health of someone they care about." It's a part of life... but I think it can be less a part of life when we live a truly healthy lifestyle.

The thing that's crazy to me is that, despite our desire to be healthy, the real steps it takes to be healthy, to have energy, and fight disease aren't a part of our culture. Even if we know growing up that eating vegetables is good for you, and that being active can help you lose weight or keep your heart healthy... it's not common for majority of people to live that way.

Ultimately, it's our choice, but what's so unfortunate to me is that our society just doesn't set us up for success. Think about it...

When you go to the grocery store, what kinds of food make up 85% of the store?

Prepackaged processed foods.

If you go to elementary school cafeterias, what kinds of food options are they given?

Fried chicken nuggets, french fries, pizza, soda, poptarts, etc. When given the choice between those and an apple and veggies, what do you think they'll choose?

What are the main ingredients of the food sold at our restaurants?

Bread & other processed grains, potatoes, cheese, and meat.

Not to mention that most of us (myself included) are required to sit for 8+ hours a day for our jobs. Studies are coming out that show that the amount of inactivity and/or time we spend sitting can take years off of our lives.

Crazy, right?

You know what else is crazy? Before the 1950's, it was thought that excessive or intentional exercise would actually cause major heart problems, potentially a heart attack.

Exercise didn't gain popularity until the 1970's when that myth was debunked. What's interesting is that since then, activity levels have gone up... but so have obesity rates and disease.

So here's the deal. It's not JUST eating less and exercising more.

Each person is unique. You are the only you, and no one else's body is exactly like yours. Therefore, you have a specific kind of diet that would benefit your body most, and that varies in different seasons of your life. What worked for you when you were 20 may not work for you when you're 60.

There isn't a one for all way of eating. It's a matter of eating highly nutritional foods from sources that work for your body. Discerning what that is can take time and some trial and error, and I'm here to help you with that.

HOWEVER, I argue that it's not even just the quality of the food we're eating... SAY WHAT?

It has to do with our whole life. Really.

If we do not get enough sleep - that's a major factor for health. If we are at odds with friends or family, maybe holding onto some grudges or unforgiveness - that really effects your body's ability to absorb nutrients and function properly. Stress is another major factor that inhibits health.

Someone could be drinking green smoothies, tons of veggies, and no meat while working out an hour every day and be at risk if they are not taking care of the bigger picture aspects of life.

And it's these bigger aspects of life that keep us from maintaining a healthy diet, a consistent exercise schedule, regular sleep, a stress-free routine, and frequent quality time with people we love.

Why do I say all of this?

Because I want people to go deeper than that status quo. There's more than temporary diets, exercise programs, or the latest trend. True health takes more, and I want to help get you there.

I've created a program that addresses these bigger picture parts of our lives. I have been working hard on it to make this a true value that brings about real transformation and sustainable change. It is designed to address each participant's personal needs.

It's steal of a deal, and I'd love for you to join. Check it out here!

If you're not sure about something like that, maybe starting with a personalized health history would be beneficial. Once you fill out this form, I will be notified and will contact you to schedule a time to talk. :)

Be well, friend!

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