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  • Robin Rhine McDonald

Because I'm in it for the long haul!

Here's the deal, I REALLY want to make an impact in this world. I want people to live out their calling, reach their dreams, and expereince abundant life. I LOVE seeing people in these capacities.

What I absolutely hate, is seeing people with the will, the drive, and the character to reach their dreams HINDERED by disease. It's not right. The unfortunate thing is that these diseases are often caused by poor lifestyle choices. I cringe inside when people shrug off eating fast food or super sugary and processed meals on a regular basis. And yet, i used to be there too.

It's hard to wrap my mind around, because part of me feels like it's not fair. How are people to know that the low-fat craze of a few decades ago has doubled our sugar intake? And that fat is actually good for you and necessary? How would we know that a lot of what is sold at stores is, in a sense,... poisonous? And yet people are told, just exercise and eat less, you'll lose weight, take this medication, you'll get healthy.

That's not it, friends! We need proper nutrition - PLANTS! Eat all the plants you can! And avoid processed food like the plague. White bread, white rice, SUGAR, and most things that are packaged or purchased in a drive through...Say no!

And yes, please be active. Walking, running, lifting, or even playing with your kids outside. Do something that makes you sweat at least 3 times a week!

The other part of health is SUPPLEMENTING your diet. As hard as we may try to get what we need from food, it's often not enough. Not enough to nuetralize the damage our bodies encounter on a daily basis through oxidation, nor enough to prevent degenerative diseases in the future. The negative consequences show up slowly over time, and then when we hit our 60's and wonder why we're ill.

When I'm 80, I want to be walking, maybe even running. I want to have energy, and I want a sharp mind to articulate what God places on my heart to share. I want to be able to continue to serve and build God's Kingdom of love and grace for years and years.

That's WHY I take suppleents. That's WHY I cringe when people shrug off eating fast food or super sugary and processed meals on a regular basis. That's WHY I'm working to help as many people as I can get what they need to live in the health they're created for.

I'm in it for the long haul! Who's with me?

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