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From One Goal to the Next

So there's this hill Ryan likes to run. To the very bottom and back is about 2.3 miles. This run does not quite work for our post lift chasing game, the distance is too far. Thus, my usual issue of not wanting to run reigns.

The run starts out great. We're going, going, going, and I feel like I'm the best runner their ever was. My feet fly over the concrete like an eagle soaring in the sky....

But of course that's because we're going down a very steep hill. By the time we get to the bottom my body has realized that it's been running, my heart rate is up, and I can feel myself getting tired. Unfortunately, the run is only half way through and the worst is yet to come.

Each time we ran it, though, it got a little bit easier, and we got a little bit faster. I started to get encouraged by our improvement and found value in pushing myself just a little bit more each run. It was as if my value shifted from going through the motions to get a 2 mile run in to pushing myself to reach a new goal!

The first time we did this hill, we were at a 9:52 min/mi pace. As much as I hated it, we kept on running it at least one-two times a week in addition to our gym sprints. It took a few months, but the last time we ran it, we got our pace all the way down to 8:15 min/mi! YAY!

My moral of the story is this - perspective is everything. When you can find the "why" and the "value" behind your hard efforts, you can find a way to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible.

What's your current fitness goal?

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