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A humbling reminder of how much I truly need Jesus

A little bit of real talk for you. It’s been kind of a challenging couple of weeks.

I’ve got a lot of moving pieces in my life between my health coaching biz, caring for Rhys, and now setting up our Airbnb. Not to mention all the household things that just add that extra bit of “fun” to the mix.

I was talking with a friend who said a few things like, “I don’t know, Robin, is it worth the stress to run your own biz?”

“Taking on the Airbnb is a lot. Maybe you should just sell it or do long term rental.”

To be honest, I got a bit defensive.

Not because she’s wrong - it can be stressful and it can be a lot. It was because it felt like she was saying, “Robin, maybe you should give up on your dreams.”

Now, I know she wasn’t actually saying that. She cares a lot about me and doesn’t like seeing me stressed out (or super irritable).

And yeah, sometimes I am overwhelmed.

Here’s the thing, though.

A lot of the time I’m NOT stressed out.

I’m feeling fulfilled.

I’m doing what I love.

I’m learning new things.

I’m serving others.

I’m seeing people change their lives.

I’m using my gifts and talents.

I’m having fun!!

So while there are challenging moments, days, and weeks, I don’t see them as evidence that what I’m doing isn’t a good idea or that it isn’t working.

Rather, it is a humbling reminder of how much I truly need Jesus and how much farther I have yet to go in my journey.

Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it or that it won’t work out.

So many quit before they realize their goals and dreams.

This is the case with healthy lifestyles. It IS hard to completely change the way you eat, move, sleep, and drink. It’s even harder to change your perspective of those things.

But gradually, over time, when we stay consistent, and we don’t give up, we make progress until eventually the habits getting us our progress become our natural way of living.

So please forgive my imperfect moments. I’m learning. I’m growing.

I’m not giving up!

If you’re ready to dive into a consistent journey of growth in your health, shoot me an email. Let’s find out if the Sustainable Health approach is the one for you!

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