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A weekend of indulgences does not define my journey

Ryan and I had SUCH a wonderful weekend celebrating our 6 year anniversary!!

These years have FLOWN by. So many great memories already in the books, with decades more to come!

To this day, I still pinch myself that I get to spend my life with such an incredible man.

We tested out our Airbnb that “launches” in July! It was super fun getting to experience the fruit of our labor in setting this place up. I can’t WAIT to bless people in their stays there.

We also enjoyed some BOMB food in downtown Oceanside. It was so fun being tourists in our own town. It was so fun being able to walk from our Airbnb to these tasty local restaurants and then stroll the pier!

As a health coach, did I eat perfectly “healthy”?

If healthy is defined as enjoying some doughnuts, cheese, and other delights for a festive weekend, then YES!!

A sustainable healthy lifestyle does not mean never eat less healthy foods. It means eating in alignment with your ultimate health goal.

Because my desire is to live to be over 100, full of vitality, weekends like this don’t happen each week.

A weekend of indulgences does not define my journey, nor does it spill into my week.

Today I’m eating my usual foods without guilt or feeling as though I’m missing out on what I ate over the weekend.

I’m SUPER clear on what matters to me, a major part of which is my marriage and my family.

I want to have the energy & health to be there for them and experience life together.

This informs my health choices and offers endless motivation to take hold of God’s grace in living a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

How about you? Do you feel clear on how your health connects to what matters most to you??

Send me a message and let me know!

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