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Are you ready for freedom?

It's a new month, and I am looking for 4 Jesus loving ladies who are facing some form of CHRONIC DISEASE (diabetes, autoimmune, arthritis, etc), whether it’s in your family history and you want to avoid it or you’re currently diagnosed, who struggle to be CONSISTENT in making healthy choices, and want to finally be FREE from the burdens of figuring out their nutrition and just LIVE a simple sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Look, I know you’re tired of...

  • Feeling tired throughout the day

  • Figuring out what to eat and not eat

  • Eating and snacking because you’re stressed

  • Feeling unmotivated and discouraged

  • Putting effort into a new diet that only puts you back where you started when it’s all said and done

  • Eating clean for a period of time but not seeing any difference

  • Struggling to sleep

  • Experiencing uncomfortable bloating & digestive issues

I totally get it!! I have watched so many friends and relatives go through these same experiences. It’s seeing these precious, God loving people struggle that has spurred me on to do what I do.

What I’ve found is that it’s not so much of knowing WHAT to do as it is knowing HOW to do it in partnership with God, the calling He’s placed on your life, and the grace He provides you in order to create something SUSTAINABLE that enables you to have the energy and vitality to be who He’s made you to be!!

If you want to...

  • Stop feeling as though your body is aging and breaking down

  • Stop feeling discouraged and run down

  • Stop the pattern of disease in your family

  • Feel amazing

  • Make healthy living your normal way of life

  • Discover a healthy lifestyle in partnership with God

then shoot me an email!

I’ll send you an application to be interviewed for one of these 4 spots.

This is ONLY for Jesus loving ladies who are READY to change, invest in themselves, and kick the “this is how it is when you get older” mentality to the curb.

That means commitment to the slow and steady process! This isn’t a quick fix. This is meant to create your new forever.

It’s not about starting and doing this perfectly. It’s about beginning an imperfect journey in partnership with a perfect God and His unfailing grace!

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