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Cheat meal, treat meal, or healthy meal?

What do you think?

Is this a cheat meal? A treat meal? Or a healthy meal?

Some would say the waffle makes it a cheat or a treat meal.

Others might say bacon and eggs make it an unhealthy meal.

What if it’s just a meal?

I guess if I were to label it, I’d call it an “aligned meal”. But I’ve literally never called a meal that. Ha.

Nonetheless it IS a meal that is aligned with my vision to live a sustainable healthy life.

I’m not looking to never have a waffle. And I’m definitely not going to be tossing out bacon or eggs (when they’re pasture raised they’re actually quite healthy).

If there’s a homemade piece of bread or some quality cheese, I might enjoy some of that too.

For something to be sustainable, it needs to be free and unrestricted.

Now, some might consider this meal restrictive because everything here is paleo, organic, and/or pasture raised.

To drive my point home they’d think this needs to be a stack of pancakes from IHOP or a package of candy or Oreos.

For me, that’s just unappealing.

I don’t choose healthier options because I HAVE to. I do it because I WANT to.

I focus with clients as much on nutrition as I do mindset and vision.

Without clarity on your vision or the ways your beliefs are muddying your intentions and choices, whatever guidelines you’re trying to follow will be empty, and most likely short term.

Did the honey walnut shrimp from Panda Express used to call my name?


But now?

I wouldn’t even enjoy it.

My palate has changed.

It’s all a journey and process of slow and steady transformation that flows from a commitment to your vision!

I’m curious, if you were asked to choose a meal based on whether it aligns with your vision for your health or not, would you have the clarity to answer that question?

Shoot me an email and let me know what you think!

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