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Don't be FOOLED into unsustainable health

There are a few of the ways I see many of us FOOL ourselves into an Unsustainable health kick.

MISPLACED FOCUS If your goal is to feel good and be healthy, it's not so much about numbers as it is the habits required for those experiences.

Often times healthy lifestyles are never formed because we let early numbers determine whether or not we continue with the habits. Usually the desired numbers follow consistent habits.

FORCED CHOICES No one likes to be forced to do something they don't want to do. Somehow, though, that's become the first strategy we take to implement healthy habits.

It's FAR more likely that you will form a LASTING habit if you willingly choose that habit because you've gotten CLARITY on how that habit serves the vision you're pursuing than if you make yourself do it.

FAST & CHEAP SOLUTIONS You aren't getting a deal or serving your real goal if what you try causes further damage to your body and doesn't last beyond the quick attempt you made.

It took decades to get to where you are. Give yourself some grace as you intentionally and gradually transition to a healthier lifestyle!

Which one resonates most with you? Have you found yourself with misplaced focus? Forcing yourself to be healthier? Or going for the quick fixes?

If you have, you’re NOT ALONE. I think we’ve all struggled with one if not all of these. Know that your health is valuable because YOU are valuable.

If you want to begin creating a SUSTAINABLE healthy lifestyle that lasts, shoot me an email. I’d love to hear what your ideal healthy lifestyle looks like!

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