• Robin Rhine McDonald

From "Stay Safe" to "Be Well"

I got Covid.

On one hand, I thought I wouldn’t get it. On the other, it seemed inevitable. In either case, it couldn’t have been worse timing. Unfortunately, I will be missing my sister’s home delivery.

What’s my experience been?

Day 1 - Phlegm in throat. No fatigue, fevers, aches, etc.

Day 2 - Phlegm still in throat. Still no fatigue, fever, aches, etc.

Day 3 - Phlegm turned into an occasional cough. No fever or aches. A bit less energy than usual.

Day 4 - No phlegm or cough. Got tested - positive. Felt decent overall, just a bit under the weather.

Day 5 - (today) Feel better. Good energy. Have to clear my throat occasionally. No sense of smell.

Honestly, I’ve had allergies worse than this.

I share this not to rub dirt into the tragedies that have occurred as a result of this virus.

Rather, I share it because I care deeply and passionately about REDUCING the tragedies that result from this virus.

I have been very intentional in how I eat, how I move, and how I supplement.

Now, I won’t say that these habits are easy, because I understand how hard it is to make big changes and to work against discouragement and anxiety.

What I will say is that they are worth it, and they make a TREMENDOUS difference in how this virus affects us.

“Stay safe” sounds stagnant. Don’t do anything. Stay put. Avoid. Protect. Fear. Be weary.

Perhaps it’s just semantics, but I would LOVE to hear people exchanging - “BE WELL”. This implies a way of LIVING that produces health. Be proactive. Intentional. Hopeful.

If we had been focusing on BEING well these past 9 months (or however long its been), we would see a reduction in severity and deaths across the board.


We have witnessed the most UNHEALTHY year yet.

My biggest hope in all of this is that we experience a total health transformation as a result of the events of 2020, and that through those changes we see lives truly saved not just from a virus but also from diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia and the other top killers in this nation.

Anyone else with me in saying hello to BEing WELL?

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