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Gaining Peace with Peas

If there was a veggie that I hated above all veggies, it was peas. This wasn’t saying a whole lot, though, because I pretty much hated any veggies other than corn sprayed with “I can’t believe it’s not butter” or iceberg lettuce drowning in Hidden Valley ranch dressing.

(I learned later that corn is a grain, peas are legumes, and that iceberg lettuce isn’t much more than crunchy water)

From the time I was a little baby, whenever my mom would try and feed me the baby food peas, I’d literally gag and spit them out.

Even as I’ve gotten older and incorporated a LOT more vegetables & foods I never thought I’d eat, I kept peas at arms distance... until the meal you see pictured here.

I was following a series of recipes by @fedandfit and came across this one for chicken vesuvio. I saw the peas in the ingredient list and ALMOST discarded it, but then I thought, “maybe I’ll like them this time.”

How many of us assume we’re a certain way and never put ourselves outside of our comfort zone to see where we’re at? To open the door for growth & change?

A major roadblock for shifting to a healthy lifestyle is saying, “I just don’t like healthy food.”

Did you know that processed foods are designed to be addicting and change your palate to prefer them? And that when you shift your diet, you actually develop a new palate for healthy foods?

I’m a waking testimony of that. Ask any of my childhood friends! They’ll tell you how I basically lived off of Mac & cheese, French toast, pasta, bread, and meat.

So what’d I think of the peas in this meal??

I thought they were really good! I was shocked, to be honest.

But hey, that’s the cool part of change!

One of my favorite things is seeing clients begin to love healthy foods - not because they forced themselves to or because they restricted themselves from eating anything they liked, it was because they tried new things, little by little, in ways they hadn’t before.

It all starts with the first step!

How about you?

Do you have an aspect of your health or eating that you believe will never change?

Shoot me an email and let me know!

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