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Healthy Regrets

But how often do we beat ourselves up when we don’t eat healthy?

In many cases, I think it’s the shame and self beat up that we inflict on ourselves that perpetuates habits that are not in alignment with what we want to accomplish or who we want to be.

As followers of Jesus, we have this amazing thing called GRACE that enables us to learn, grow, and transform the areas of our life that need healing and can be improved.

The journey of sustainable, vision driven health is not one defined by regret or not, but rather, it is fueled by God’s grace.

There are inevitable times of “regretful” eating, but that eating does not have to define you or the journey.

Tonight I have two encouragements for you.

One, to take a look at your efforts at healthy living, and ask yourself, “have I intentionality taken hold of God’s grace in this process?"

And two, to make ask yourself, “what does it look like to make healthy choices all day tomorrow?"

Are you allowing yourself enough grace? Send me an email and let me know what this looks like for you.

Grace to you, friends!!

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