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How to make Donuts a part of a Healthy Lifestyle

What do you think, does eating healthy mean you don’t ever get to enjoy indulgences?

There’s so much to unpack with that question.

Before I get into it, this past Mother's Day was my first one with my baby outside of my body, and it was filled with lots of delicious foods - some of which aren’t a part of my normal diet.

With that said, there often 3 big dynamics at play when it comes to treats and “cheat meals/days”.

1. It’s not about good food or bad food. It’s about which food supports the vision you have for your health.

When a food becomes a bad food, it also somehow becomes the only thing you want to eat. Or is that just me?

By removing the stigma with certain foods, you allow all of them to be an option.

With all food as an option, you get to eat from a place of choice & freedom. Not shame, obligation, or restriction.

2. Sustainably healthy eating isn’t about eliminating the love or enjoyment of food.

It’s funny how eating healthy has become associated with dry chicken breast and flavorless broccoli on repeat.

You begin mourning the foods you can’t eat before even starting a healthy eating attempt.

When creating a healthy lifestyle, we get to find healthy recipes and alternatives that we love!

Part of the fun is discovering where your love for food & pursuit of health will take you.

3. Eating something that’s off plan or outside of your healthy vision doesn’t ruin anything.

If you’re choosing a new lifestyle, then it’s a matter of getting right back on track.

If you’re being intentional, certain “off track” foods might even be part of the plan.

That’s how it was for me with my choices for Mother’s Day yesterday.

Now, ideally, with a sustainable healthy lifestyle, indulgences are intentional rather than accidental.

It’s part of the journey of choosing life long health.

Sometimes we eat donuts.

In my post yesterday, I talked about choosing foods that are in alignment with our healthy vision.

For me, regular donuts aren’t a part of my healthy vision.

This beauty you see in the picture above is a grain free, avocado oil fried donut from Nectarine Grove in Encinitas, CA, my absolute favorite place to eat.

If I’m going to have a sweet indulgence, I care about the ingredients in it.

One of the worst aspects of a regular donut is that it's fried in polyunsaturated vegetable oil. That kind of oil is very inflammatory to you body, making fried foods some of the absolute most unhealthy foods you can conusme.

Discovering an incredible donut that is fried in high heat tolerant avocado oil is extremely exciting to say the least!

Want to know what else I had for Mother’s Day?


Yup. Donuts AND pizza.

This pizza was also from Nectarine Grove. It was made with grass fed cheese and a grain free crust... and it tasted AMAZING.

I had set my intention the day before Mother’s Day that I really wanted those two things.

Here’s what I didn’t intend to eat:

Two bites of my mom’s Coldstone ice cream and a burger from In-n-Out.

(The ice cream was disappointing and did not come close to comparison with grass fed ice cream I’ve had like McConnell's Ice Cream)

I had said that I didn’t want to cook for Mother's Day, and In-N-Out was an easy option for everyone that I could adjust to fit closer to my preferences.

My burger was protein style - no bun. I didn’t get any fries, but I did eat a few of my mom’s.

This may be a shock to some. It may even sound like I went way off base!

The important question is, what’d I eat the next day and today?

Lots of vegetables, quality meats, and fruit for dessert.

It was one day, a wonderful day, and I’m back to eating what I normally eat.

For me, my normal eating is also very enjoyable. I love my healthy meals. I know how to make them in a delicious and satisfying way.

It’s taken time to get here, but it’s been a worthwhile journey. And to be completely honest, it's not about finding ways to add in donuts. It's about finding ways to stay true to the healthy vision you have for your life.

With the right focus, we are able to stay the course, and continue to make choices that serve our ultimate goal for a healthy, sustainable life!

If you want to learn how to cultivate a mindset on long term sustainable, health, I invite you to apply for my 12 week program, The Sustainable Health Transformation. I only open a few spots each month, so be sure to get your application in early!

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