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“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it”

My mom used to have a sign in her office that said, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it.”

How many of us have created a “nothing” target out of the potential for our healthy lifestyles?

So often we just decide that we don’t like something, can’t do something, or won’t be able to change how we currently are.

With just a simple shift in perspective, we can go from “This is how I am and it’s not changing” to, “This is where I am, but I’m learning how to do things differently”.

It’s not about trying something only to discover that you’ll fail.

In fact, you will try and you will mess up and you will realize that you’re not that good at it.

That’s the process of learning.

It’s about trying something and committing to the process of figuring it out, SO THAT you can reap the benefits of attaining that new skill or habit.

I say this often, but I think it’s an important parallel. When we think about our journey in following Jesus and becoming more like Him. It could be easy to say that we just aren’t a patient person or that we are naturally selfish - but does that mean that we cannot become patient and selfless? By God’s grace we can!

God’s grace extends to the changes we are working on in our health as well. We can partner with Him in our healing and habit formation.

This is what makes my Sustainable Health community unique! We aren’t just focusing on what to eat, we’re looking at the mindset behind our choices and how to partner with God in our health journeys!

What beliefs have you been telling yourself that are keeping you from creating a Sustainable Healthy Life?

If you’re clear on what those are and want to begin to create a healthy lifestyle, shoot me a message. Let’s see if this is the right fit for you!

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