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In step with Him

I don’t know about you, but it is all too easy to cruise through life, going from one thing to the next without acknowledging Who is on the throne.

A big lesson I have been learning the last decade - and will continue to learn my whole life - is being truly “integrated” in my relationship with Jesus.

Integrity - being consistent and uncompromising in your ethics.

As followers of Jesus, we know we are called to be loving, honest, kind, patient, hopeful, faith filled, grace fueled... in step with Him in ALL things.

But of course, we are all learning how to do this in the everyday things.

More often than not, when I share how my program is largely about recognizing the inseparable connection between our walk with Jesus and our health, people are surprised that they haven’t heard of anyone taking that approach.

We have been taught to compartmentalize our life.

But it makes sense to be kind to our own bodies.

To be patient with ourselves.

To take hold of grace when we are discouraged, overwhelmed, or frustrated.

To steward our bodies as vehicles of love to the world.

As I continue to learn to live an integrate life, it’s so helpful to look down at my wrist and see a beautiful reminder to be still and acknowledge God in that moment.

How can I help you live your integrate life?

Send me an email and let me know!

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