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It is what you think it is

I'm down in Oceanside, CA, where I grew up this week to help my mom take care of my 92 year old grandma.

She is the cutest little thing. And when I say little, I mean little! She is about 4'9"! Crazy that I ended up being 6ft tall, myself.

Anyways, she recently broke her knee and she is now home on her last stretch of recovery. Don't worry, she's doing quite well!

She's also type 2 diabetic, and has been for the last 40+ years.

I was watching her stick her stomach with her insulin this morning. I thought, "Gosh, how awful. She has to prick her finger and stick her stomach every single day, and she has been for decades." To her it's normal. Unfortunately for the United States, it's also normal. More than 100 million Americans are either diabetic or prediabetic.

Heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States. You know what causes heart disease? Diabetes. Most people with heart disease are also diabetic. My precious grandma has heart disease, takes close to 30 pills a day, and has had at least 3 heart attacks. Praise God she's still here and doing well.

There are all kinds of solutions out there. A lot of these solutions involve cutting out specific foods or eating certain ones. We've become a people of the pill. We want the prescription that solves our problems while continuing to go about our day.

We hear that it's healthiest to cut out animal products to prevent diabetes and heart disease and start eating fake meats, excessive amounts of grains, and faux cheeses.

We hear that kale solves everything and add it to our pastas, sugary smoothies, and sandwiches.

But what's the real solution to health? How can we stop this epidemic of diabetes and heart disease?

It's is what you think it is... what you wish it wasn't.

It's eating real, whole foods. Lots of vegetables, quality meats, and eliminating the junk.

Most people know this, but try to find the shortcut alternative because taking time to cook, and spending the extra dollar on organic or grass fed seems like to much.

You know what's too much?

The number of children and adults alike who are walking down the path to disease and early death.

I know I'm hitting hard today, and I'm okay with that. Seeing my grandma, and other precious people I love suffer when their condition is preventable fires me up.

Here's the thing, though. This isn't a shame fest. It's an opportunity. A call. A chance to give yourself GRACE, to learn how to make changes, and to DO IT.

Do it perfectly? No way.

Make attempts, fall off the wagon, eat cookies, and get back to it? Yes! And slowly but surely, you'll find yourself on a different, healthier path.

Want to join the dozens of ladies I've supported in creating that sustainable journey?

Fill out an application at You're worth it!


The photo of the eggs is to say - EAT THEM. They are good for you and will not cause heart disease.

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