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Justice Fueled Health

One of the biggest challenges to creating a healthy lifestyle that actually lasts is finding and maintaining motivation. The thing is, it's not motivation that will keep up going. It's having a vision that we're deeply connected with to align our choices with.

Eating vegetables only goes so far without an understanding of where we're going and why. My personal vision is to live out my calling to equip, empower, and encourage others to live out their unique, God-given roles with energy and vitality beyond the age of 100.

I do what I do in the wellness space because I have discovered that poor health is a major hindrance to people living out their calling. What I've also discovered is that the main culprit for this lack of health is the injustice and brokenness of the food system.

Wendell Berry says it well, "People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food."

If you are struggling to find vision for your own health, it may be that you need something outside of you to provide a spark. You may find that taking hold of a vision to transform the food system and support the health of the poor and people of color who are negatively impacted by it could provide the motivation you've been looking for.

Companies like Coca-Cola intentionally market to young minorities and infiltrate the food department's policies in ways that allow their detrimental products to exist in schools across the country.

Perhaps you'd find it more motivating to quit Diet Coke if you associated it with the alarming rates of diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease that plagues low income communities.

Being healthy for the sake of others sure adds another element of inspiration!

I'll be talking about the injustices of our food system along with my core concepts on nutrition and grace in my upcoming Greens & Grace Challenge that starts this Sunday!

Learn more here!

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