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Kingdom Health

When I look at the time that Jesus invested in His short time of public ministry on healing physical bodies, I can’t help but think that physical well being is of great importance.

We have been fed the lie that as we age, our bodies give out, that we are destined for disease, and that the road of low energy, brain fog, and digestive discomfort is totally normal.

I guess in some ways, it has become the norm.

It has become the norm to feel this way because food and eating have become all about what’s fast and convenient.

“We are fed by a food system that pays no attention to health and are treated by a health system that pays no attention to food.” - Wendell Barry

If you are someone who finds yourself believing the lie I mentioned or experiencing the ailments I described, let me make it clear - I am not here to make you feel bad. Not at all!

Rather, I am here to offer GRACE and HOPE, to identify that you do not have to accept that future, and that you have access to healing, not only in your body, but in your mindset and approach to health.

The best part? You can experience that physical transformation in partnership with God in the ways you’re already familiar in transforming your heart.

What motivation to consider that as each of us serves as a member of the Body of Christ, we can each tend to our own bodies to be those living sacrifices filled with energy and vitality - able to live out the calling placed on our lives!

Have you shifted from guilt to grace? Shoot me a message and let me know!

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