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Know your worth, change your life

A week ago I went to the Grand Canyon.

It was my first time there. Everyone told me that it was truly GRAND and awesome... and I believed them... but having seen it for myself - WOW!!!

It looked fake it was so picturesque. Like some sort of backdrop for the Truman show or something. Ha.

It is absolutely mind blowing how beautiful and majestic God’s creation is.

And you know what? Don’t roll your eyes when I say this...

YOU are even more majestic and beautiful than the most breath taking scene.


Do you have any idea how intricate, complex, and impressive your body is?

And that’s only the WHAT that comprises you. WHO you are is even MORE incredible.

It is such a loss that we have relegated God’s finest work of art & brilliance to being no more than a pant size or a number on the scale.

To following a diet perfectly or not.

To working out 5 days a week or not.

To the presence of cellulite or not.

You are so much more than these things!

True health flows from what’s TRUE about WHO you are and WHOSE you are.

You’re incredible. Your body, your mind, your soul - you are truly a treasure that pails in comparison to the Grand Canyon!

When you truly understand how valuable you are, and the impact you make in this world, that the Grand Canyon has NOTHING on you, it makes a LOT more sense to make healthy choices.

I mean, we can get behind why we don't want to litter or pollute the Grand Canyon. It'd be angering to see someone toss their plastic bottle off the cliff or to see someone leave a wrapper in one of the bushes.

Your body is no different. It is an incredible work of art, created by God. It is worth investing the time and energy into treating it well.

With that said, I'm curious, you considered using the truth about your value and worth as motivation and incentive for living a healthy lifestyle?

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