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Let's actually address HEALTH

Today I took Rhys for a walk in one of the cute downtown areas of our neighborhood. I couldn't help but feel a sadness as I saw several gyms with "FOR LEASE" signs hung across their windows, while signs about wearing masks to slow down the spread were posted every several feet.

It's been shown that exercise actually lowers the risk of deadly Covid-19 complications. [1] Yet, somehow, gyms have been labeled as non-essential and, as a result of being shut down for 4+ months, many smaller businesses are shutting down entirely.

On many of those Covid-19/wear mask signs hung in the windows of stores and restaurants, the caption says, "Your health is our priority". Honestly, I find that a bit ironic coming from fast food chains that serve up the very meals that contribute to the diseases that dramatically increase people's risk of a bad experience with Covid-19.

Last week, the CDC posted data that showed that of the 2.67% [2] of people who died from Covid-19 in the United States, only 6% of those, were attributed to only Covid-19. They also found that, on average, those who died with Covid-19 had 2.6 comorbidities.[3] This means that they had 2 or more things like: cancer, stroke, heart failure, diabetes, dementia and other diseases listed as their cause of death in addition to Covid-19. This also means that only .16% of all cases result in a Covid-19 only death.

The comorbidity diseases are, by and large, lifestyle diseases. They are not inevitable. If we truly wanted to make health a priority, gyms would be essential, the quality of food would be under a major transformation, and we would have much more information on how to improve our actual health as a response.

The data suggests that asymptomatic spread is rare. Though, that has been clarified as an "open" concept. [4] Which, can I just say, isn't it odd that they can't tell us if asymptomatic spread is rare or not, but they understand the virus enough to mass produce a vaccine in less than a year and ensure that it will create immunity? [5] I also find it strange that there is so much emphasis on the safety of the vaccine, but the companies creating them are not liable for any damage the vaccine may do to the millions of people who may or may not be injected with them.[6]

I digress. If asymptomatic spread is actually rare as the data seems to show, then keeping people healthy is our best defense. If we can improve everyone's immune systems, we have a higher chance of preventing them from getting the symptoms of the virus, which then prevents the spread of the virus.

If we are truly focused on health and if that really is the priority of our country, then lets start addressing the pandemic of lifestyle induced degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, high blood pressure, and arthritis.

YOUR health is one of the biggest solutions to what's going on.

By choosing to eat well, exercise, reduce stress, and bring yourself into a healthy and thriving place, you are not only reducing your risk, but also the risk of others.

I want to be part of the solution that addresses this pandemic at the roots.

Are you with me?







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