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Let's address the root issue...

Are you a failure if you haven’t been able to lose the weight you’ve been trying to get off for years?

What about if you know what to do to get healthy, but never do it consistently?

Or what if you set an intention, but ended up choosing the very thing you know isn’t healthy?

I imagine you call yourself more than just a failure.

You might find yourself looking at your reflection in the mirror with disgust and have more to say then.

You might lay there in bed thinking about all the things you messed up on the day and why you’re such a loser.

You might think some things about yourself when you step off that scale or after you finish that bag of cookies.

When we actually look at what we’re saying about ourselves in our head, we realize we would NEVER say these things to another person, and we definitely wouldn’t want these thoughts to become what fills the minds of our children.

And yet, we allow these thoughts to set up residence in our beliefs and perspectives of ourselves and what’s possible for our health.

Without addressing the issue of negative self talk, it doesn’t really matter what meal plan you’re following or how many workouts you do a week.

You’re not addressing the root issue.

A sustainable healthy lifestyle has a healthy foundation. Lasting life changes don’t bloom out of self disgust and negative self talk.

The nice thing about thoughts and beliefs, though, is that they’re malleable.

Through Christ and by His grace, we can be transformed and healed.

You can shift those thoughts to ones in alignment with your faith in God and the vision you have for your health!!

Need help transforming your thoughts?

Shoot me an email and we'll talk about it!

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