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Let's expand the health conversation!

The conversation around health right now is severely lacking in the simple habits that reduce the number of at risk people in this country.

We have a major metabolic health issue. It’s estimated that only 12% in the United States are living with optimal metabolic health.

That means that 88% of people are at a higher risk of literally every disease and infection.

This DOES NOT have to be the case. Your body is forgiving. It heals when treated well.

We have hope!

We must address the root of our health crisis. It’s the pandemic that existed before 2020. The one that has been plaguing everyone, kids, teens, young adults, the elderly - all have been fed a terrible food system and, as a result, are fighting the health challenges that follow.

These 3 simple steps are not to be underestimated.

  1. Going outside, getting sunshine, and walking have been proven to significantly boost immunity and overall health.

  2. Eating real, whole foods that aren’t processed or covered in vegetable oils makes a big difference in reducing inflammation and increasing the nutrients you need to be well.

  3. And lastly, choosing to take that extra time to cook and investing the extra few dollars into organic, grass fed, and pasture raised options for produce and meats not only benefits your body by eliminating the toxins found in conventional options, but it also sends the message that consumers want more of the GOOD stuff to suppliers.

Every choice adds up! It all counts. It all makes a difference.

Let’s expand the conversation. Let’s emphasize the importance of healthy living and the vitality that comes with it!

Are you with me?

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