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Medicine or Poison?

I remember doing extra time on the cardio machine after a night of indulgent eating, feeling as though I was somehow erasing the bag of yogurt covered raisins I ate the night before.

I remember rationalizing why the food I was eating wasn’t that bad or why I thought it was actually somehow healthy because the label on the front of package said “heart healthy” even though the side panel said 35g of sugar.

I remember thinking that because I was taking a multivitamin I was somehow eliminating the negative effects of the greasy carne asada burritos I was eating every other day.

I remember thinking that the fact that I could still play a sport and workout at a decent level meant that I was healthy and fine.

I remember being totally unaware of the connection between the junk food that I was eating and the acne that showed up on my face. I looked for the right face wash or cream to make it better. I took damaging medications to try and get rid of the sea of red bumps on my face, never considering a change in the food I ate.

I struggled to stay awake to do my homework or drive down the highway in the afternoon, feeling as though I could fall asleep in an instant. I connected no dots between the scone and coffee I had every morning or the Panda Express I ate at night.

The signs are there, we often just don’t know to look for them.

We don’t always feel bad immediately, so we lose the opportunity to catch the role food plays in our health.

Even if we have a hunch that perhaps what we’re eating isn’t healthy, we look for quick fixes that don’t require us to give up those comforting options.

Your health is LARGELY determined by what is on the end of your fork.

The question is, are you willing to learn, to grow, and to adjust to ensure that the food you put in your mouth are healing, life giving, and whole?

Are you open to evaluating the symptoms your feeling in light of what you’re putting into your body?

I’d love to hear about it! - do you relate to the experiences I had? Send me an email and let me know!

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