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My Unconventional Transformation Story

Gaining 20lbs in college and then losing it before my wedding isn’t my biggest health transformation.

And despite what it might look like from these two pictures, it wasn’t going from awful acne to clear skin.

My big transformation was connecting what I ate to what was going on in my body.

You see, I was working out 5-6 times a week, playing sports, and eating - what I thought was a decent diet.

But after years of flawless skin, my face started breaking out BAD at the beginning of my sophomore year in college.

I definitely did not think it had anything to do with what I was eating.

I tried all kinds of acne regimens, and even some potent medical creams that bleached my towels when I wiped my hands on them with it.

Eventually I began to learn about my gut, hormones, and how the foods I ate directly impacted whether or not those were in balance.

With some dietary changes, my skin cleared, and with it, so did my understanding of health.

I realized that health isn’t merely how much I weigh or whether or not my skin is clear.

It’s the daily choices I make.

It’s the internal health of my cells, the diversity of my gut, and the balance of my hormones.

It’s being in tune with my body, and understanding that digestive issues, acne, brain fog, and fatigue aren’t for no reason.

All that to say, I share this to emphasize that there’s often more going on beneath the surface than we realize.

It’s important to look at the ROOT cause of the health challenges we face… that sometimes show up on our face. haha.

One of my favorite things is digging deep with clients to bring healing from the inside out.

“Random” health challenges aren’t usually so random. It’s your body accommodating for underlying dynamics that, when addressed can allow relief and healing in those original areas.

We don’t have to get sicker as we age.

We don’t have to write off pains, aches, and acne to happenstance.

You’re made well to be well!

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