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Never run out of motivation

Isn't weird that it takes negative experiences or consequences to motivate us to change?

It's not until the heart attack comes that we reconsider how we're eating.

It's not until our joints are in so much pain that we can barely walk that we look at reducing inflammation.

It's not until we start feeling "old" at 32 that we acknowledge there may be something off about our approach to stress, eating, and sleep.

It's not until we are bent over in digestive discomfort that we think there might be something we need to change.

It's not until we've been sick 3, 4, 5 times in the same year before we think perhaps we've got an immunity issue to address.

It's not until we have the frightening conversation with our doctor about needing medications for life that we think a diet shift would be good to look into.

It's unfortunate that we prefer to be driven by what's chasing us rather than what we're running towards.

Running from pain is not a healthy or sustainable approach. It usually leads to two experiences:

  • We consistently operate from fear, constantly concerned we're on the edge of a health crisis.

  • Or, that pain becomes familiar and convinces us that the pain we are experiencing is actually an inevitable aspect of who we now are.

What if, instead, we were compelled by LOVE.

Sound cliche?

Stick with me.

Who's most important in your life? Your spouse? Your parents? Your kids?

Picture with me that you decide to start eating healthier, getting more sleep, drinking more water, and getting out for daily walks.

You do this for 3 months.

You start to notice:

  • You wake up with energy and it sustains all day, even in the afternoons when you'd always want a nap after lunch.

  • This energy allows you to think more clearly at work and in conversations.

  • This improves your performance at work.

  • You see that this is causing you to be more patient in your relationships.

  • You find yourself in a better mood.

  • Your bouts of frustration and stress have significantly decreased.

  • Your joints hardly hurt anymore.

  • You're no longer bloated after meals.

  • You realize that prior to living this way, you were feeling quite awful.

With all of those changes in how your are experiencing your body, could it be possible, that you would then be able to live a longer, more enriched life?

The thing is,

when we truly understand how much we are loved by God...

when we fully grasp the fact that we are a unique and needed reflection of God in this world...

when we take hold of the unending grace available to us...


By acknowledging what's true:

that you are not your pain

that your body is forgiving and able to heal

that you have unlimited grace to make changes

that you are loved, valued, and absolute worth the changes it'd take to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle

that what and who you care most about is directly affected by your health...

you are granted something to run TOWARDS.

Instead of worrying about having a heart attack, you can focus on having heart to heart conversations with your great grandkids because you're healthy and well... because you lived a healthy lifestyle.

Instead of avoiding weight gain, you can consider what you gain in energy, rest, joy, and relationship through feeling better from healthy living.

Instead of lacking motivation, living in fear, accepting pain, and running from poor health, you can run towards what matters most to you!

It takes time, intentionality, and consistency to keep the vision of what you're running to in front of you, but it is worth it.

Want to flesh out your healthy vision? Schedule a call with me and I'll gladly walk you through it!

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