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Overcoming Cravings

It took QUITE some time to get this little guy to be still long enough to capture his cuteness. (Look below to see how challenging it was to get pictures with him AND his little buddies)

When I have struggled the most with food cravings, I’ve operated a lot like Rhys at a photo shoot - whatever came to mind is what I decide to do - immediately.

Chips? CRUNCH.

Ice cream? No bowl needed... 1/2 a pint later..

Yogurt covered raisins? Demolished. (These were my favorite in college... I used to think they were a healthy snack)

You get the idea.

I’ve since discovered a couple of things.

First - I was fighting against a biological addiction to sugar.

It is not ONLY a matter of will power.

Sugar has been shown to be as or MORE addicting than cocaine in terms of how it affects your brain.

That strong urge for something sweet isn’t just a swell idea you can’t shake. It’s your body screaming for the next hit.

Prefer salty or crunchy snacks? Could be a result of certain nutrient deficiencies.

It’s when we eat large quantities of “empty” foods that our body actually continues to send hunger signals because it hasn’t received the nutrients it needs to function optimally.

THEN there’s the emotional side of cravings.

Until then, I’m curious, what cravings tend to call your name and what time of day?

Send me an email and let me know!

The reasons why can be revealing!

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