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Snack conspiracy theory Alert!

There’s a LOT of black and white, this or that thinking out there, and it’s robbing us of some powerful perspectives and opportunities.

One is that you can’t have a little bit of an indulgent food without going crazy or falling totally off track.

Another is that if you do have a healthy snack, you’re missing out and over restricting yourself.

I’ve believed and experienced both.

I’ve been in the place where one indulgent bite felt like the floor falling from under me, doomed to fall into a binge.

I’ve also counted calories and followed strict diets to the point where if I didn’t follow perfectly, it bummed me out for hours.

You probably can’t tell, but the bag I’m rolling up is my FAVORITE snack right now, Barnana Plantain Chips.

I honestly think these taste better than any potato chip I’ve had.

These are a SUPER clean, fantastic way to enjoy a crunchy snack.

And because I’m clear on my intentions and vision for my health, I know that eating a whole bag doesn’t align with what I’m working towards.

I feel satisfied with my salty crunchy snack from heaven, AND I feel proud that I stuck with what I intended to do.

In the Sustainable Health program, concepts like this are what allow my clients to form a perspective of health that prevents the vicious cycle of following a strict diet, getting results, going back to old ways, and ending up back where you started.

That and a community that feels a lot like the audience clapping in this reel when they share wins in our private Facebook group.

I’ve got spots left for this month and a few applications in process. If you’re ready to enjoy tasty snacks as someone who’s free of shame & restriction, then shoot me a message.

Let’s see if the Sustainable Health approach is the right route for you!

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