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Steward your body AND the earth!

Throwback to when Ryan and I were in New Zealand on our baby moon amidst the GREENEST pastures I’d ever seen.

One of the big reasons I care about living a healthy lifestyle is because I believe in stewarding the body I’ve been given AND the place I’ve been given to inhabit. The nice thing is, these go hand in hand.

Did you know that a regenerative farm, with cattle, can actually sequester carbon? That means it pulls carbon into the soil. The amount it brings into the soil actually offsets any carbon released into the air.

A regenerative farm is a farm that functions like a true ecosystem. There are microorganisms in the soil, plants, bugs, rodents, animals, and birds all living harmoniously. Animals are treated humanely, and the systems in place do not use harmful chemicals that destroy important micro life.

A conventional mono crop farm, that produces corn or soy does not function like an ecosystem. It looks more like depleted soil, dead bugs and rodents, and chemically treated and genetically modified plants. Carbon cannot be sequestered with this set up. Death is unavoidable in the production of food. It’s a matter of how it’s done.

Purchasing meats from regenerative farms not only supports the betterment of the planet, it supports your health. Pasture raised animals who are given their natural diet, as opposed to a GMO grain fed diet, are healthier. They are not treated with hormones or given antibiotics to survive long enough to be slaughtered.

Pasture raised animals are healthier, and as a result, offer more nutrient dense meat. Not to mention that meat is devoid of the contaminants I just listed.

Similarly, organic produce comes from nutrient rich soil, devoid of chemical treatment, and as a result, is a more nutrient dense food than non-organic.

You aren’t so much what you eat as you are what your food eats. If your produce and meat come from conventional systems, you’re ingesting more than meets the eye. However, if you invest in quality sourced foods, you are investing in both the earth and your body’s well being.

Steward your body and the earth, buy local, pasture raised, organic, grass fed, non GMO foods!

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