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The 3 Keys to Sustainable Health No One Talks About

Why is it that despite thousands of meal plans, workouts, and articles on how to be healthy, it is so difficult to actually maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I've found that making health changes a lifestyle is not about the actions you take, but rather, the thoughts you think. Here are the 3 things my clients do to ensure their healthy habits LAST.

The clients I have who create a healthy lifestyle and MAINTAIN that healthy lifestyle do these 3 things:

1. They are committed to their VISION It is so important to be clear on what matters most to you. This doesn’t mean you have your life figured out. It means you know how you want things to look and feel moving forward. Example? I intend to get healthier as I age, to continue to improve in my healthy habits, and to, ultimately, have the energy and vitality to be who I’m called to be. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to be salt and light in this world. I want to ensure that I have the HEALTH to live this out.

2. They receive GRACE when they veer off track Without the ability to receive & utilize grace, we tend to end up in a shame spiral. The guilt of binging, eating fast food, or indulging in late night sweets creeps into our belief in what we’re capable of.

Grace gives us the freedom to OWN our mistakes, to LEARN from them, and the GROW from them moving forward. This is what truly enables successful clients to do this third thing...

3. They are CONSISTENT It doesn’t matter how tough things get or how many mistakes they make, they get right back on the horse. Falling off track doesn’t dictate the success of their health journey, nor does it define who they are.

The real progress happens AFTER the inevitable mistakes occur - when they choose to learn and keep going.

Of course healthy living requires nutrition, exercise, water, sleep, and stress reduction. But if there isn’t a sustainable MINDSET in place, those habits will merely exist as good ideas and not normal routines of life.

That is why the ladies who participate in the Sustainable Health Transformation experience healthy living in a completely new way - devoid of shame and temporary goals.

That is why they MAINTAIN their results. That is why they ENJOY the process. That is why they are closer to what MATTERS most to them each and every day.

If you’re ready for something that brings about true health and lasts, shoot me a message. Let’s talk about whether or not this is a good fit for your health vision.

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