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The Food Crisis Behind COVID-19

I’ve been trying to think of how to share a few thoughts on our current situation with grace, compassion, and clarity.

Here goes nothing:

We are suffering more from the panic, fear, and the consequences of social distancing than the Coronavirus itself.

Is it serious? Yes.

Should we take precautions? Yes.

Do we need to hone in on how awful things can or might be? No.

Do we need to shut down all the businesses we have? I don’t know.

What I do know is that there have been suicides from the anxiety this has brought.

What I also know is that stress is one of the BIGGEST suppressors of IMMUNITY.

We are placing more focus on how to fix the problem than on why it happened in the first place.

The fact that thousands are dying from this virus is tragic.

The fact that millions are susceptible is also tragic.

The fact that the susceptibility of many at risk individuals has to do with lifestyle induced limitations brought on by an awful, and in many ways, dare I say - corrupt, food system is a crime.

Being over 50 or 60 doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. The number of people with diabetes and heart issues does not need to be as high as it is.

What are we doing to prevent people from living an at risk life?

Heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and cancer are all the leading killers in the US. These are all, largely (not all) lifestyle induced degenerative diseases.

Why aren’t we asking WHY these numbers are going up? Why we’re seeing younger and younger people with these diseases?

Why hasn’t that been a focus?

Would not correcting THIS issue be a loving, compassionate, and JUSTICE oriented thing to do?

When those serving up fast food don’t make enough to buy healthy food and are caught in a cycle of poor eating and, in turn poor health that leaves them at risk and without means to be well?

It’s time we address the stress and the root underneath it all.

I’m hoping for a healthier future, and it’s not coming through a roll of toilet paper or a bottle of hand sanitizer.

It’s going to come through real food, commitment, & grace. Not shaming for lack of health, but rather extending love, resources, & a healthier way.

For those who want to journey with me in creating a sustainable, grace based approach to health, you can apply for my 12 week Sustainable Health Transformation program here.

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