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The "New Normal" plaguing our bodies

I am not here to minimize the pain of those who have experienced loss or pain as a result of all this. I’m here to MAXIMIZE the attention that is being given to the pandemic that existed before the pandemic: lifestyle induced diseases.

On average there have been 2.6 additional comorbidities for every cv death. The bulk of these comorbidities were metabolic conditions like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and the like.

As a country, we have slowly made processed foods our MAIN source of sustenance over the last several decades and we are experiencing unprecedented sickness in kids and younger aged people.

As a result, it has become the “new normal” for fatigue, autoimmunity, metabolic conditions, and other health issues to plague our bodies at ALL ages. These have become expected after a certain age.

These unhealthy “novel foods” demolish our immune systems.

It’s time that we address the ROOT issue of our current health crisis and prioritize real, whole foods.

It’s time we invest the time and effort it takes to eat well to spare ourselves the time lost when our bodies have been deteriorated by inflammation and lack of nutrition.

I am not here to scare anyone into a healthier lifestyle.

And I’m DEFINITELY not here to shame anyone into making different choices.

I am here to raise the red flag and say HEY!! Let’s turn the ship around, one degree at a time.

There is HOPE!

Thank God there is GRACE to fuel our efforts to make healthy changes and create a healthy lifestyle that brings us the vitality we all want to have.

I really think that so many of us have just grown up, accustomed to these novel foods and simply need some support and direction to make the changes necessary to have a healthier future.

I grew up eating TV dinners, shake and bake meats, hamburger helper, fried chicken dinners - all of that. I get it! And I know how hard it is to deviate from the comfort and convenience of it all.

And because I have that experience, I know what it takes to start something new that lasts.

If you want to make that shift, shoot me an email and let’s talk about your goals!

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