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This one's for the husbands

This one’s for the husbands of the ladies trying to be healthy, lose weight, and make significant lifestyle changes!

This photo is of my beautiful handsome husband with me on our adventure in Puerto Rico back in February.

He’s my honey, my teammate, and my number one guy.

He’s VERY supportive and helpful.

And he is able to be there for me MOST when I share with him what I need and want. This prevents the whole “read my mind or I’ll be upset” dynamic that can happen - anyone relate??

I imagine if you’re reading this, it’s because you want to support your wife as best you can.

And it might be because your wife just put her phone in your face & told you to read this.

In any case, from what I’ve heard my clients share and from my own experience with a very willing husband, these are few things I think you’d want to know...

1. You don’t have to be her coach or her accountability partner.

(I can take care of that ).

All sorts of emotions can arise when a husband is made the enforcer.

Even the “Are you sure you want to have the ice cream?” usually doesn’t land well.

2. She wants a safe place to be understood AND encouraged to keep going.

This can be tricky to do and can sometimes fall into the coach trap from #1.

Affirm who she is.

Affirm that you believe in her.

That you understand it’s not easy.

And that you’re in her corner no matter what.

Simple & intentional actions & words go a longggg way to create this for her.

What would it look like if you wrote her a note simply saying how proud you are of her?

How would she feel if you told her how much you appreciate the effort she’s put into cooking and trying new meals?

3. You don’t have to eat what she does to partner with her.

Maybe you don’t choose to eat exactly the way she’s trying to, but what would it look like to do so for the meals you have together?

Or maybe you help her figure out how to find meals that require simple adjustments to suit your preferences.

OR (and maybe you’re already this kind of hubby) what if you did the cooking? That way you can really customize each meal!

So, what do you think?

How will you support her this week?!

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