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Undoing OLD patterns and creating NEW ones

Feeling tired, achy, bloated, and weak are NOT experiences that HAVE to come with age.

Some how we’ve gotten to the point where we just expect to feel awful simply because we’re getting older.

We assume that anyone who’s of a certain age and actually feels good is because they’re just some sort of freak anomaly.

The truth is they ARE an outlier. Not because they have special genes that you don’t. It’s because they are among the small percentage of people who know how to serve their body & do so consistently.

Our bodies can only handle processed food for so long. Slowly over time, inflammation and degradation occurs at the cellular level and it eventually begins to reveal itself in all the aches, pains, and diseases we see so many suffering with.

Sitting on this volcanic rock, I think about the intentionality and grandeur of God’s creation.

You are His greatest masterpiece. And you better believe His Kingdom principles permeate your body.

Here’s the cool thing, your body is FORGIVING.

Your body does not hold a grudge.

When you treat it well, it immediately works to heal and restore what’s been damaged.

It is designed to support you.

It is not in pain or diseased for no reason.

There is HOPE! You aren’t doomed to feel terrible forever.

You can get to the root of your ailments.

It’s not usually easy.

It’s not a quick fix.

It’s a journey of undoing old patterns and creating new ones.

If you want to drop the lie that age = ailments, and explore a sustainable healthy lifestyle, shoot me an email. I’d love to hear your health goals and see whether or not we’d be a fit to work together!

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