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Weight Loss Tips

I’ll start this off by saying, weight loss, if it’s necessary, is most sustainable and healthy when it follows efforts to heal one's body instead of fix it.

Often times, in an effort to lose weight, we end up under eating, leaving our bodies hormonally imbalanced and depleted.

Along with the under eating, we tend to create the story in our minds that despite all the restriction, we aren’t doing enough.

This feeling of defeat can actually keep us from making healthy changes and being consistent with healthy habits.

We then conclude that we are just lazy and weak willed, and decide to rescind our efforts for healthy living.

What’s usually true is that you aren’t eating enough! We need to eat lots of food to fuel our bodies, ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to be super active.

It’s likely that you aren’t lazy or weak willed, but rather totally overwhelmed by where to start on your health journey. My guess is that you’re actually a really hard worker and a diligent person.

In fact, it’s likely that you care so much about your health and doing things well that you decide not to start at all out of concern for doing it wrong or not being able to do it well.

It can feel like you aren’t trying hard enough, when really, you’re trying (or have tried) really hard at a strategy that just doesn’t work for you and your lifestyle.

If you want to...

  • eat more food

  • learn a strategy that works for your body & schedule

  • pursue health with a faith based approach

...shoot me a message! Let’s find out of the Sustainable Health program is the right fit for you!

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