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Why can't I MAINTAIN my weight loss progress?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

I’ve got 3 primary reasons that might offer some insight...

1. It was goal oriented

Goals are great, but without an overarching vision, they’re temporary and empty.

Weight loss or looking a certain way will never be a healthy long term motivator.

Increasing energy and preventing disease are also often not compelling enough reasons to improve health habits.

It takes a VISION grounded in your identity in Christ & the calling He’s placed on your life.

THAT transcends a temporary goal every time.

2. It was about weight loss & what not to eat instead of true health

If I told you that being a Christian was merely about not-lying, would that sound appealing?

Probably not. That misses so much of what it is!

But if I said, it’s experiencing an intimate relationship that fulfills the deepest longing of your heart, that transforms you into who you’re made to be, that enables you to love and be loved in such a way that heals your soul & brings restoration to the world around you, and that brings you into a family of others who share in that love, hope, & peace...

A bit more compelling, right?

Now true health, is FAR more than what not to eat. It is about nourishing your body, healing it, restoring it, and experiencing the energy & vitality it brings, allowing you to be & do all you’re called to.

3. It was without proper support

We are made for community & we are made to receive support from one another.

Every single person you look up to and admire, likely has an army of people who’ve poured into them & supported them. They likely have a current team of people who they are still leaning on.

Undoing habits & beliefs from dozens of years of your life is near impossible to do on your own.

Having a community of others who are on the journey with you is so so key.

Not to mention the value of having someone to hold you accountable and guide you along the way!

It’s no coincidence that my Sustainable Health Program addresses each of these.

To start something you can maintain, shoot me an email.

Let’s see if the sustainable approach is for you!

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