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Why we actually don't make progress

There are different reasons and ways that self sabotage comes up. Usually it's subconscious. You might be thinking, "But I really do want to lose weight and keep up a healthy lifestyle. Why doesn't that happen?"

I know I've done it QUITE a few times in the past.

It starts off exciting. We think that THIS will finally be our solution. We grocery shop, we cook, we get that workout in, and we stick with it until we see that number on the scale drop.

Once we hit the goal... we loosen up on our healthy eating. We don't get to the gym as much, and then eventually, we end up back at square 1.

Maybe your experience looks more like, "YAY! I've got the solution. Let's do this!" And two days after you start, you've already decided you're over it.

In both scenarios, there's a couple of things happening.

Self Sabotage

There are different reasons and ways that self sabotage comes up. Usually it's subconscious. You might be thinking, "But I really do want to lose weight nad keep up a healthy lifestyle. Why doesn't that happen?"

You have to ask yourself, "What do I actually believe about myself and what's possible?"

If you enter into a lifestyle change with the underlying belief that you aren't a healthy person, that you don't stick with what you start, or that you won't reach your goals, those beliefs become your reality.

Another fuel source for self sabotage is fear. You might think that your biggest fear is of failing. That might be the case.

What's more likely, though, is that you have a fear of the unknown.

Track with me.

It's uncomfortable and vulnerable to commit to a totally different way of eating, living, and prioritizing your time. It is especially unsettling when you don't know for sure if it'll be what you actually want.

With those fears driving your thoughts, your behavior will follow. You won't continue to create this unknown future because your present is far more familiar and comfortable.

Goals instead of Vision

The other big reason why healthy lifestyles don't last is because you are only looking 3 ft ahead instead of the 3 square miles all around you. We get fixated on one thing with health, usually weight loss, and we make that the measure of our success.

When we do this, we miss out on discovering the other aspects of healthy living and where that can take us years and decades from now.

Because we haven't connected our new daily habits to what's meaningful and important to us in our life and our future, they fall by the wayside. We think, "What does it matter if I drink all of my water?" "What difference does it make if I eat out one meal a day instead of cooking?" Eventually our body answers those or us, and it's not the answer we were hoping for.

The question is, how DO you make progress?

The keys are a part of the first two weeks of my 12 week program. When my clients start out in the Sustainable Health Transformation, they take a look at their beliefs and they craft a meaningful vision. This happens before we cover any nutrition education.

If you don't address your mindset, it doesn't matter what program you do, which diet you try, or however many workouts you get in. You're more than what you eat and how you move. You've got a mind, a heart, and a spirit.

Here's something you can try TODAY.

Write out the top 5 most important people or things in your life.

Ask yourself, how would having energy and vitality affect my experience of those people or things?

Give yourself time to really think through how health can have a positive impact on your life.

Write down what you come up with and post it in a place where you'll see it. Remind yourself of this statement as you incorporate healthy habits!

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