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You are Loved!

The older I get, the more I realize how absolutely essential it is to be grounded in my identity in Christ.

I can look at nearly any bit of stress, worry, or fear in my life and trace those thoughts to beliefs that are not operating out of what’s true about who I am and Who it is I call Lord.

Without clarity on those two things - who I am and Who God is, I am standing in sinking sand.

Challenges will come.

I will make mistakes, ugly ones at that.

I will have a false perspective of myself, others, or a situation.

That doesn’t mean that I’m a terrible person.

That I’m somehow no longer worthy.

That doesn’t mean that God isn’t faithful.

That doesn’t mean that He isn’t still in my corner extending grace and the opportunity to learn and be transformed into His likeness.

The same is true for our attempts at healthy living.

When we want to lose weight so bad, to have more energy, or to actually be consistent, it’s easy to make our worth & identity contingent on that result.

We feel that if we can’t consistently eat well, exercise, or lose the weight we want, then that reveals that we are somehow defective, unworthy, or incapable.

What heavy identifiers to carry!!

Of course we don’t want to have those slapped across our forehead. That’s where shame creeps in and lies to us about who we are.

So instead of trying, failing, learning, and making progress - we avoid the process all together.

We’re afraid to want to find out that we’re inadequate.

The truth is, YOU ARE LOVED.

When you truly know and accept this fact, discovering shortcomings becomes like finding treasure. It means you’ve got an opportunity to GROW.

Regardless of what you didn't, did, or don’t do.

There is HOPE and GRACE to move forward.

I’m learning with you!

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