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You're Free to Snack on What you Want!

Let me ask you this, by chance, do you feel like you SHOULD eat better, but continue with the same unhealthy patterns anyway? Do you also feel guilty for not doing what you think you should be doing?

Does this guilt then spiral into negative self talk and low confidence in your ability to stick with what you intend to do?

No one likes to be shamed into doing anything, or to feel forced to do something out of obligation. That’s not a compelling and meaningful way to choose. In fact, it’s hardly choosing if your perception is that it’s an obligation.

The alternative?

View eating for what it really is - your choice! You are FREE to eat whatever you want!

You don’t HAVE to eat vegetables. You don’t HAVE to avoid sweets or carbs. You can CHOOSE to eat whatever you want.

The problem is, so many of us don't recognize that we're free to choose. We also don't see ourselves as someone that would make good choices.

That's where the importance of identity comes in to play. In addition to knowing that you are free to choose what you want, it's so important to ground yourself in what's actually true about who you are.

And in case you you didn't know, what's true about you is that you ARE someone who cares about their health, who sticks to what they say they're going to do, and gets back on track when they mess up.

So, what do you really want? If your desire is to be healthy and well, then by opting out of unhealthy patterns and choosing healthy foods, you are operating from a place freedom and vision.

This feels MUCH different than the shame dynamic many of us get stuck in.

Here’s how it plays out... You know you should eat more vegetables and that the lettuce on your fast food burger doesn’t count, but you’re stressed, running late, and there’s no one in the drive through line. You get the burger, the fries, & the diet coke, only to feel awful both physically and emotionally for making that decision.

Here’s how it could go differently... You know that you don’t HAVE TO eat any particular way unless you want to. You’re feeling stressed, running late, and you see the drive through. Because you are aware of who you are, the choice that you have, and what you TRULY want for your health, you opt for a quick homemade meal instead.

See the difference?

It’s this same state of freedom from the second scenario that allows for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that doesn’t view December as a bad time to “get healthy”, but rather the perfect time to choose what serves your body and desire for health the best!

Want to end this year strong and start 2021 ahead of the game? Schedule a 10 minute discovery call to talk through your specific goals and challenges to come up with simple steps to put you in the right direction!

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