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  • Robin Rhine McDonald

Why We NEED Vitamins

I have become passionate about the necessity of vitamins for everyone. For me, it is not a question of whether or not a person feels perfectly well or awful. It's a matter of getting what your body absolutely needs to function the way it was designed to - without disease and illness.

I have mentioned how I have many relatives and friends who have suffered from degenerative diseases. Let me start by giving a little bit more background to that.

My grandma on my dad's side had breast cancer. Praise the Lord, she has been free of that for decades, and was able to beat it without chemotherapy. Statistics are showing that 1 in 8 women get breast cancer in their life time (1).

Causes of cancer are said to be 80% lifestyle, 20% genetics (2). In fact, it is said that 50% of cancer is caused by what we eat and do not eat (3). A lifestyle devoid of proper nutrition and activity negatively affects your immune system (4). The key to cancer prevention is to maintain a healthy and strong immune system (5). When our immune systems do not function properly, the overproduction of cancerous cells go undected in our body until it is too late (6).

One of the most potent antioxidants you can get is grape seed extract, and as many of us already know, Vitamin C is a classic immunity builder. Usana's Proflavanol provides both of these to fortify your immune system. Ryan and I take this everyday.

Both of my grandma's on my dad's and my mom's side suffer from diabetes. It is estimated that 16 million people in the United States alone have diabetes. In addition to that, there are over 24 million who are pre-diabetic and 80 million who have insulin resistance (7). Most people who suffer from diabetes die from heart failure (7). My grandma has been battling heart issues the past few weeks.

In the 1970's and 1980's we became convinced that a "low fat" diet was the key to health. The problem with that is, that most low fat foods replace the fat with sugar (8). SUGAR is the cause of blood sugar spikes that cause a vicious cycle of sugar cravings that lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. These sugary foods are called "high glycemic" and include the main foods consumed in the American diet - white bread, pasta, white rice, potatoes, and the like. Not to mention the sugar consumed in seemingly healthy foods like low fat yogurts, cereal, low fat milk, etc.

Vitamin E has been shown to reduce insulin resistance (9). Most people with diabetes are also magnesium deficient (10). Usana's essentials provides necessary doses of both of those and offers the foundational nutrition needed for your body. Ryan and I also take these every day.

One of my grandpa's passed away from Alzheimer's dementia, and the other suffers from Alzheimer's as well. This is a tragic disease that rob's people of their understanding and cognition to interact with their loved ones in the last years of their life. It is painful for everyone involved. This does NOT have to be a reality for every aging person.

Studies have shown that patients who suffer from Alzheimer's dementia have low levels of antioxidants in their brain and high levels of oxidative stress (11). Vitamins E, C, A, grapeseed extract, and CoQ10 have all been shown to slow down the process when introducted to the body (12). I don't think it's coincidence that this is common amongst the elderly. If we are exposed to oxidative stress every day that is not met with antioxidants... why wouldn't there be effects on our brains and bodies when we're older?

The Essentials, Proflavanol, and CoQuinone30 supplements from Usana cover these bases.

You may be thinking, "Okay, but why vitamins? Can't we get what we need from our food?" Yes! We can totally get what we need from our food. Here's how to do it... grow all of your own fruits and veggies, eat 13 servings (or more) of them each day, and when you eat them, do so within a day or so of picking them.

The problem is... who can do that? If we're getting organic fruits and vegetables, which I would recommend (more nutrients than regular), by the time they get to the store and make it home, their nutrition count has been severely depleated (13). Not to mention, the longer they sit, especially if they've been cut up, the quicker they lose nutrients. This is the reality for WHOLE foods, not to mention all of the processed foods we usually eat that contribute to oxidation. Eating a low glycemic diet that includes lots of fruits and veggies and healthy fats and proteins is a must. However, it most likely does not cover what our body needs to keep our cells healthy and our immunity strong (14).

Or perhaps you're thinking, "This is great stuff! I'm already on board. I take vitamins everyday!" Well, let me ask you this, are your vitamins FDA approved? Do you feel any different? Unfortunately, the supplement industry is VERY poorly regulated. Supplement manufacturers don't have to prove what they claim to put in their products. You're not guaranteed to get any nutritional benefit. There is a heirarchy of quality when it comes to supplements. Lucky for you, Usana is both pharmaceutical grade and FDA approved. It's top rated (15)! In fact, Usana offers a million dollar guarantee to their sponsored athletes, should any banned substances be traced to their products.

Not convinced? Test out the vitamins you have. Take a quarter of an apple, put it in a cup of water, and drop in one of your multivitamins. Leave it over night, and see what the apple looks like in the morning. What color is it? Does it smell good? What does it feel like? Did the vitamin dissolve? This is a simple way to see if you're getting a benefit from what you're taking.

I am saying all of this becuase...

I hate disease. It hurts my heart to hear about people who suffer from these (or any other) diseases. I do not believe this is what we have been made to experience. I have become convinced of the possibility of PREVENTION for each of the diseases listed above. I do not want to get to the end of my years and be surrounded by friends, family or others who are still suffering and dying from these illnesses. I am committed to helping people experience the health they are made for!

Please know that cancer, diabetes, dementia, and other diseases are not usually "just one of those things" that are bound to happen in life. They do not have to be your reality!

The food you choose to eat, the level of activity you choose to have, and whether or not you choose to take vitamins ALL compound and contribute to the quality of your health now and as you age.

If this has sparked your concern or interest in any capacity, please feel free to message me. If you are wanting to do your own research, please check out the resources below for your own study. This is scientifically proven information, and there are thousands of people who have experienced the benefits of supplementation to prevent and conquer disease.


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